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# 8x04

Clark: "Let’s get back to the work…please."
Lois: “Good idea. Bury your heartache in your job. Here, start with this.”
Clark: “Baby-face broker dies of ticker trouble. How does a healthy 25-year-old suddenly die of a heart attack?”
Lois: "Don’t have time to handhold, but the coroner’s report said the endorphin and adrenaline levels in his blood were sky-high. You know — endorphins? They’re hormones that are released when the body performs a certain activity."
Clark: “Like when you play a sport.”
Lois: “Or there’s another kind of activity two people share — repetitive motion, builds to a climax.”
Clark: “Thank you.”
Lois: [Laughs]
Clark: “The police say they found the victim fully clothed.”
Lois: "What, he didn’t even get past first base?"
Clark: “And the M.E. says the hormone levels weren’t only through the roof, they’re higher than any normal human body can produce.”

- Smallville 8x04 ‘Instinct’

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# 8x04

[phone rings]
Clark: “Hello?”
Lois: [on phone] “I need you, Smallville — I just got to The Planet, and I’m already having the workday from Hell. What’s your E.T.A.?”
Clark: "I’m flying into the building right now. I’ll be there in a second."
[Clark superspeeds away, realises he forgot to give Shelby his food, speeds back to give it to him, then speeds away again.]
Lois: [oh phone] “Hey, I thought you said you were coming in for a landing. What happened to you — run into some turbulence?”
Clark: [Clark appears behind Lois] “According to the clock, I’m still two minutes early. Now, what’s the hurry?”
Lois: "Well, I need you to take on some of my workload. This is my second quart of java, and I’m still not firing on all eight cylinders".
Clark: “Rough night of sleep last night?”
Lois: "More like no night of sleep. Jimmy moved in so he and Chloe can save their wedding pennies, but the groom snores like a freight train. I am so jealous of you in that Kent farmhouse all by yourself. So many empty rooms, huh?"
Clark: “It is pretty quiet.”
Lois: “You are about as predictable as mullets in NASCAR. One little mention of you living alone, and you start singing the ‘missing Lana’ blues. You know, I hate to be the one to dish out a helping of tough love here, Clark, but Lana is gone for good. Time to get back in the saddle, buckaroo. But this go-round, you need to look outside your wheelhouse.”
Clark: “I didn’t know I had a wheelhouse.”
Lois: "Of course you do — pretty, friendly, damsel-in-distressy. You need to try another scoop of the 31 flavours, maybe a little less sweet vanilla and a lot more wild cherry."

- Smallville 8x04 'Instinct'

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# 8x03

Lois: “He can’t take much more of this!”
Davis: “Out of the way. Lois, I need you to breathe for me. Breathe.”
[Clark appears with the antidote.]
Lois: “Come on, Ollie, stay with me. Clark, he’s dying.”
Clark: "Use it."
[Davis injects the antidote into Oliver and it works; he comes round.]
Davis: “I don’t get it. This…antidote doesn’t exist.”
Clark: “Queen Industries. They have a lab nearby.”
Oliver: “Mercy. You have to go find Mercy.”
Clark: “What?”
Oliver: “Tess Mercer. Clark, please. Whoever did this to me, they’re gonna go after her next.”
Clark: “You know Tess?”
Oliver: "There’s no time, Clark!"
Clark: "She’s working late. She’s at the Daily Planet."

- Smallville 8x03 ‘Toxic’

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# 8x03

- Smallville 8x03 'Toxic'

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# 8x02

Lois: “Looking good, Smallville. Clothes make the man who helped me make the front page. Wow. Try to hold back the journalistic fervour.”
Clark: “I’m glad you got your story, Lois, but it took a few more turns than I would have liked.”
Lois: "So did you, Houdini. You’re there one minute, gone the next. We were standing next to an elevator. I don’t know why you had to take the stairs."
Clark: “Well, I’m sorry that you can’t keep up. The important thing is that Chloe figured it out on her own and she’s okay.”
Lois: “Yeah, tell me about it. If she hadn’t defused Little Miss Land Mine, we’d be fitting her for a coffin instead of a wedding dress.”
Clark: "When did you hear about the wedding?"
Lois: “She just called. I can’t believe my cousin is getting married. To Jimmy Olsen.”
Clark: “They’re in love, Lois. You should be happy for them.”
Lois: “Well, at least the rest of us have work. Here. I finished proofing the obit.”
Clark: “Wow, Lois. Don’t hold anything back.”
Lois: “Those aren’t notes of discouragement. They’re notes of encouragement. You’ve got talent, Smallville.”
Clark: “What?”
Lois: "Look, when I first started out at The Inquisitor, all I cared about was getting the best stories on the front page."
Clark: “Well, it seems like a dream come true.”
Lois: “Sure, but sitting here now with you, I think I’m more proud that we uncovered the truth than I am over having a headline. Thanks for helping me break the story, Clark. Keep up the good work. You’ve got a long career ahead of you at the Daily Planet.”

- Smallville 8x02 'Plastique'

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# 8x02

Lois: “There’s nothing in here about a meteor infection.”
Clark: “Here. Let me take a look.”
Lois: “Knock yourself out.”
Clark: “I’m not sure we’re on the right track, Lois. Tommy’s death seems suspicious.”
Lois: “Of course it’s suspicious. The guy blew himself up just by rubbing his hands together or wrinkling his nose or whatever he did.”
Clark: “They didn’t find any meteor rock in his system, but they did find metal shrapnel from the barrels. Lois, if Tommy’s responsible for the blast, then the barrels would have blown away from him, not into him, right?”
Lois: “Don’t clear his name just yet, Sherlock. That kid was dangerous, a real live wire. Check his rap sheet at the back.”
Clark: “Armed robbery, B&E, and carjacking.”
Lois: “Basically, that firecracker was a major menace to Metropolis.”
Clark: “But there’s no mention of explosives in any of these crimes, Lois. If you were a criminal with these abilities, wouldn’t you use them?”
Lois: “Well, if Tommy didn’t kill himself, then who did?”
Clark: “Bette claimed that Tommy blew up the bus. But she was there for both of the blasts.”
Lois: "Oh, my god. My cousin’s babysitting Psycho Spice. [Clark superspeeds away] Clark, what if — oh, come on."

- Smallville 8x02 'Plastique'

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# 8x02

Clark: ”Lois, you can’t just walk in and steal a file. It’s a crime. You’ll go to prison.”
Lois: “I have a plan, Clark.”
Clark: "Would you like to share it?’ Cause I’m having doubts."
Lois: “When in doubt… charge it. City Hall…13th precinct…15th precinct… Metropolis General. If I could just get mileage points on these things, I’d see the world. Cover me, Smallville.”

- Smallville 8x02 'Plastique'

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# 8x02

Clark: “That new boss, she really came out of nowhere, huh?”
Lois: "You tell me. You’re the one who just spent quality time with her."
Clark: "She just wanted to welcome me aboard."
Lois: “Don’t try to keep secrets from me, Clark. Tess Mercer is a pit bull in Prada. There’s no way she’d roll out the welcome mat for a copyboy, no matter how charming his smile is.”
Clark: “You think I have a charming smile?”
Lois: “I think you’re about to lose some teeth if you don’t tell me what she said.”
Clark: “Lois, you sound like a jealous girlfriend.”
Lois: “Jealous. Of you?  Please. That would be like Willie Mays being jealous of a batboy. Watch and learn. [to officer] Hi. Lois Lane, Daily Planet. Care to show me around?”
Officer Derek: "No press allowed."
Clark: “Swing and a miss?”
Lois: “I’m just getting started. [to officer] Excuse me. Do you like baseball? Who’s your favourite player? Because I can get you a signed photograph of anyone you want if you just do me this little favour.”
Officer Derek: “Sorry, ma’am. No one’s allowed in.”
Lois: “What’s your name, Officer?”
Officer Derek: “Officer Derek.”
[Clark overhears a conversation with his super hearing]
Lois: ”Wake up, Smallville. Our cop’s about as stiff as his starched uniform. Let’s move on.”
Clark: “Lois, I just heard there was no bomb.”
Lois: “That doesn’t look like the engine overheating.”
Clark: "Look, we need to talk to somebody who was on the bus. Chloe called. She’s helping a homeless girl who was there. Maybe you could ask her what she saw, and I’ll track down the others."
Lois: “Thing is, not so good with the kids. Why don’t you take Little Orphan Annie and I’ll do the rest?”

- Smallville 8x02 'Plastique'

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# 8x02

Lois: “Whoa, Clark. What happened? Are you okay?”
Clark: "Why? Were you worried about me?"
Lois: ”Uh, no. I’m trying to chase down a lead on this story. I don’t want to have to chase after you, too. Hey, did you happen to hear anything while you were out there making your ash angels?”
Clark: “Actually, I did — the police think the bomb misfired since there weren’t any casualties.”
Lois: “Didn’t feel like a misfire to me. All right.  Who’s your source?”
Clark: “I’m sorry, Lois, I didn’t get a name. I was too busy, you know, helping people?”
Lois: “Okay. Rule number one — always know your source.”
Clark: “I understand. Look, if you’re gonna teach a class on ‘Lois Lane’s rules of reporting’, I think I’d rather read the cliff notes.”
DP employee: "Boss wants to see you, now."
Lois: “Okay, my first official meeting with our latest leader.”
DP employee: “Not you — Kent.”
Lois: "Oh. Well, you’re gonna want to clean yourself up. Uh, rule number two — always make a good first impression and don’t screw up with the boss."
Clark: "I think that’s two rules."
Lois: “Whatever. Try not to get fired on your first day, okay?”

- Smallville 8x02 ‘Plastique’